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On the off-chance that someone may find my views on matters to be of interest, I’ve included a few items that perhaps you will find interesting; either that or they will confirm your suspicions that I am a subversive chauvinist who has no place in today’s world dominated by political correctness, egalitarianism, and cultural Marxism.


I am, above all else, a saved, born-again Christian – a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe the Holy Bible (King James Version) to be the literal word of God. Knowing that, everything in life must be viewed through that lens, and adjustments in my life must be made accordingly. I don’t have to like it or agree with it – I only have to believe and obey. I am active in an independent Baptist church.


I am a 1788 Conservative. The French Revolution, which began in 1789, marked the beginning of the end for Western civilization. 1788 was the last year before the bottom fell out and egalitarianism became the false god of man. For more about the 1788 Conservatives, click here.


I support and promote Freedom of Association. Radical Freedom of Association. This article that I had published on the Lew Rockwell site describes what that really means.


I am the originator of the term “the Civil Right” as a set of ideas. The ideas that make up the Civil Right are described on .


I am a Southern Agrarian. The Southern Agrarian movement, born in the 1920’s, is rooted deep in Southern soil. It is a Blood and Soil movement. The following is taken from Introduction: A Statement of Principles in the book, I’ll Take My Stand:

“Opposed to the industrial society is the agrarian, which does not stand in particular need of definition.”
“An agrarian society is hardly one that has no use at all for industries, for professional vocations, for scholars and artists, and for the life of cities.”
“… an agrarian society is one in which agriculture is the leading vocation, whether for wealth, for pleasure, or for prestige – a form of labor that is pursued with intelligence and leisure, and that becomes the model to which the other forms approach as well as they may…”
“The theory of agrarianism is that the culture of the soil is the best and most sensitive of vocations”

Southern Agrarianism peaked in the 1930’s, and then seemed to just fade away by the mid-1950’s. The Twelve Southerners built the foundation. As an indirect descendant of two of the twelve (Stark Young and Frank Lawrence Owsley), there is a connection that seems to be calling me to pick up where they left off. I am the publisher of The Southern Agrarian.


I am a supporter of monarchy and aristocracy as a form of government and social organization, and believe that John Adams was correct when he said:

“Democracy has never been and never can be so durable as aristocracy or monarchy; but while it lasts, it is more bloody than either. … Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history. Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty. When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.”
John Adams, The Letters of John and Abigail Adams

It should be noted that John Adams was the leading proponent of the Declaration of Independence. It is to his credit and honor that he understood both the politics of 1775 America, and human nature and monarchy. At the same time, John Dickinson, the leading opponent of the Declaration, resigned his position rather than cast a dissenting vote; he believed that if independence was to be declared, then it should be unanimous. When war came, Dickinson fought on the side of the colonies. That kind of honor has not been seen since the War for Southern Independence.


Web sites that generally (but not always) reflect my beliefs

The Civil Right – My site. I take full responsibility for every word written here.

Traditional Right – Traditionalism in a changing world. The writing of William S. Lind, a man for whom I have great respect.

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Gates of Vienna

Voting Strategy – This is a PDF document that explains why voting for a minor party (3rd party) candidate is NOT a “wasted vote”. In fact, such a vote carries far more weight than one going to one of the two major parties. Originally written in November 2003, it was updated in April 2004. Sons of Liberty – Central Florida was a loosely knit group of men who gathered together to discuss political matters and attempt to come up with ways to restore liberty. This document was written by me based on our discussions. (NOTE: I turned my back on my own writing for the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton had to be defeated at all cost. I actively supported Donald Trump.)